In celebration of National Grilled Cheese Month we bring to you Chef de Grilled Cheese. All April we will be paying homage to the grilled cheese sandwich through Nashville’s culinary innovators. Every week we will feature a different chef and a melt that they have created that personifies their cooking technique and culinary point of view. We hope you enjoy!

” Chef Sean Brock”

• Blend of TN Buttermilk Cheddar + NC Buttercup Cheese•
• Benton’s Country Ham Bits •
• Dill Pickled Green Tomatoes •
• Smoked Paprika + Dukes Mayo •
• Buttermilk Brioche(Bobby John Henry •
• Griddled in Country Ham Fat •

Seasonal Tomato Soup:

“Country Tomato”
creamy tomato soup made with ‘The Hamery’ country ham broth
finished with cracked black pepper || Gluten Free

Sweet Treat:

” Cheesecake Pudding Cup”
• Vanilla Bean + Cream Cheese Pudding •• Last Seasons Preserved Strawberries •
• Housemade Graham Crumble •

{Always scratch made in
our kitchen @ Cheeserie HQ}